In Bed

His face was between my legs.  His tongue working magic.  Focused on my clit.  His hands surrounded the soft sensitive flesh of my stomach.  His tongue was circling my nub.  Licking it up and down.  His lips embraced it as it swelled.  Suckled it.  His hands slid slowly up my body, pushed my t-shirt up over my breasts and fondled them.  They crossed my hardening nipples and sent shivers down my body.  Tingling all over.  He expertly increased the speed of his tongue.  His hands held my twitching torso.  Writhing, arching, feeling such great tension throughout.  More and more until I could no longer stand it.

I burst into an orgasm.  Burst into his mouth.  Juices flowing freely.  Release of all that built up tension.  Releasing a feeling of ecstasy.   Intense.  Squeezing his head with my legs.  Then struggling to get away.  Too much, I said, not meaning it.  He continued for a moment before relaxing and moving away I wallowed in my pleasure.  My god, he has become so good at this manipulation of my body.

Feeling Guilt

Emotions.  They can’t always be rationalized away by logic.  My husband has agreed to let me go to bed with other men.  Okay – fuck other men – it sounds so crude.  Anyway, I went on a business trip and met an attractive man and took him to my bed.  Troy called when he was there and I ignored his call so he might suspect.  Somehow, I didn’t tell him about my pick up and even though I know he wouldn’t mind I now feel guilty about it.

Truth is that I don’t want to talk to Troy about this man.  He was older, very muscular, an ex-Marine, and a fantastic lover.  Usually I only cum with clitoral stimulation or sometimes from mental stimulation but never from a penis entering my vagina.  Not until now that is.  I didn’t think it was possible but something about his cock and the way he thrust it in me (doggy style) that sent me over the edge.  It was an orgasm that was different from the rest.  There was a building crescendo as he pumped me from behind.  His thrusts were hard and deep and his cock was thick and curved slightly.  God, his pumping felt so good.  When I finally came it was in crashing waves and I felt my entire body tighten and then release.  A release deep inside of me pouring juices like never before.

I keep thinking about him and that orgasm.  I will probably never see him again.  I don’t often visit that city and didn’t even get his number.  Yet I wished I had.  Wished I could be fucked by him again.  Is that why I feel guilty or is it because I haven’t told Troy about it.


Teen Memories

It was my first job.  An office job.  Sitting at an L-shaped desk in the front, near the door, so I could greet the few visitors this accounting firm had in the summer.  It was an average desk, not propped up as many reception desks are.  When one of the accountants came to give me work to do, they usually stood on the opposite side of the desk.  Adam was the youngest of the group, probably 24, closer to my age, but still a full grown man.  I think he had a crush on me.

There it was like a clock hand pointing at 8:00.  It was stiff and long and looked hard and was clearly outlined in his pants.  It was right at my eye level and it was hard not to stare.  I imagined putting a tape measure to it – naked, of course.  I think it was almost 8 inches long.  Not super thick but certainly bigger than anything I had ever held in my hands.

Adam was droning on about what he wanted me to do.  He was going into way too much detail.  It wasn’t my first day!  I was glad though that he stayed and that I could let my mind wander as I stole glances at his pole.  Was he hard?  It wasn’t sticking up so I’m guessing it was semi hard.  Maybe it was soft although it appeared engorged.  I wondered what it felt like, what it tasted like.  Perhaps my obsession with cocks began then.

I was still a virgin and very impressionable.  I do love cock.  I love to touch it, to kiss it, to play with it.  I especially like to tease and to feel him get so excited while I play.  That direct connection between my actions and his reactions is so tantalizing.  So exciting.

Gary used to come to my desk often that summer.  He would lean against the edge of the desk and show off his cock to me.  I became convinced that he did it deliberately.  That he enjoyed it as much as I did.  I could see him (and feel him) staring at me as I looked at his cock.  Once I thought I saw it twitch.  I think this was the beginning of my obsession with cock.


Photo courtesy of Cream of the Planet



Confused Feelings

Troy has been very good to me and he has enabled a freedom in my sexual desires that I never dreamed I would have.  Even if due to real life circumstances I am unable to fully express my freedom, when I get the chance, Troy has been open to any and all suggestions.

I reward him well for this.  My gratitude is expressed in plenty of wonderful orgasms for my hubby.  But lately I have had this idea creep into my consciousness.  The idea of bringing another woman into our relationship primarily for his enjoyment.  Am I crazy?

I made it clear to him when we started this lifestyle that it would be one sided and that I never intended to allow him the same freedom he was offering me. He agreed 100% and has never asked for another woman although I know he would enjoy it.  In part it feels like a wonderful way to reward his loyalty and devotion yet in another it feels as though it might be raising him to an equal level with me.  Would I be raising his expectations for a more equal relationship or will I be able to maintain my dominant position as long as I initiate it?  What do you think?

Adam, the one that didn’t work out.

Troy has a friend name Adam who I find quite attractive.  He isn’t your typical good looking guy.  He has a shaved head and a rugged looking face.  He also works out a lot and has impressive pecs and biceps.  Something about a large muscular chest that pinches my clit.

Anyway, I mentioned this to Troy and told him that I would like to do him.  I was willing to do the two of them together or just Adam if Troy was OK with it.  I should point out that Adam is not one of Troy’s best friend just someone that he met playing basketball.  I met him at a barbecue we hosted last summer.

So Troy talked to Adam one day after some basketball and a few drinks.  Adam agreed but made it clear he didn’t want Troy to participate.  The idea of touching another man’s naked body really bothered him.  Troy agreed and we got together at our house one Saturday night.

We started with dinner.  I dressed in a little black dress with no underwear on.  Adam was looking lasciviously at me all through dinner and he didn’t eat very much.  During dinner he confirmed the agreement with me.  Not long after dinner we retired to the bedroom where Adam proceeded to attack me.  Not in a bad way.  I like it when men lose some control.  And that’s what Adam was – out of control.

He almost ripped my dress off and quickly jumped all over my body, kissing my breasts, my neck, squeezing various parts of my body, some a bit too hard.  As he removed his clothes, I saw that his cock was very similar to Troy’s, maybe a bit thicker.  I grabbed it quickly, got him on his back and began to give him a blow job.  While I was doing this he began to talk to Troy who was sitting in a chair nearby naked and pulling on his own cock.

“So, Troy, is your wife too much for you to handle?  She is one sex kitten.  What’s the problem with you though?  You’d rather watch her with me and pull your own pud.  Well don’t you worry, I’ll give your wife something to remember.”  We reversed places and Adam when down on me.  His tongue darted inside of me and he followed that up with a pasting of my clit.  His tongue was stiff as he rubbed me hard and fast.

Troy tried to explain how he loved his wife and would do anything – ANYTHING – to see her happy.  But Adam didn’t get this.  As Adam moved off my pussy and toward a missionary position, he lifted my legs and penetrated me.  As he fucked me he was saying things to me that disrespected Troy.

“How does this feel baby.  I’ll bet you like the feel of a bigger cock than Troy’s inside you.  Or maybe he just can’t last.  Is that the problem?  Is he a premature ejaculator?”  Those last  words dripped off his tongue, sopping with sarcasm.

“Shhh,” I said, paying more attention to how his thick cock felt.  It was thicker and I could feel the difference.  I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him deeper.  I wasn’t sure how Adam was doing – maybe he would like the humiliation – but I was focused on myself.  It wasn’t long before Adam came in the condom I made him wear.  In spite of his big talk, he lasted only about 10 minutes.

“Okay, move out and over, Adam.  My turn.”  Troy came between my legs with his head and hands.  Licking me perfectly and pushing three fingers deep inside me.  He knows how to bring me to an orgasm.  Just as I started my orgasm he moved on top and penetrated me.  It is nice to have a partner who knows your secret places and rhythms.  Troy did not last long inside me but I was gripping and throbbing around his tool the whole time.

“I can see now why your wife needs another man!”  Adam laughed unaware of how satisfying Troy’s ministrations to me were.

After Adam left, Troy told me that he did not enjoy the chiding from Adam.  It made him feel small and very uncomfortable.  We decided we would not invite Adam back.  Troy enjoys it when he is being humiliated in front of my women friends as we’ve done a few times, but he clearly did not enjoy another man’s disrespectful comments.

Have others in my situation found this dichotomy?


To say that we have an open marriage would be a mistake.  Troy is not allowed to exercise his sexual freedom although I do give him quite a bit of sexual satisfaction.   I might even let him have another woman someday if it pleases me.  But it is about my pleasure first.  It was Troy who confessed to a desire to see me with another man first and before proceeding down that path with him, I made it clear that this would not be a two way street.

Since then I have allowed him to watch me take another man.  I have allowed him to participate and at times have had more than two men attend to me.  I have also taken a man alone without Troy but to be honest I did not enjoy this as much as you would imagine.  There was something about being alone with another man that felt to me like cheating.  While having Troy there even if he is just watching and not directly participating, makes it feel different.  His approval is explicit.  In fact, he enjoys my dalliances.  I can see the lust in his eyes when another man is exciting me.  I don’t know that I understand where this feeling springs in him but it turns me on in a way that just being with another doesn’t.

I feel that we are still in the early stages of our exploration.  Unfortunately real life doesn’t always provide a lot of opportunity.  I am looking forward to our next vacation and the possibilities that might bring.


I have put a chastity device on my husband but never for more than 10 hours.  I do not believe in keeping him in chastity but as a tool for playtime it can be a lot of fun.  When he is bound I tease him and I do threaten to keep him that way.  I do admit I get a thrill out of the idea of complete control over his sexual behavior.  But I like his cock too much to keep it hidden away and I guess I’m not that mean.

I tease him by masturbating in front of him and making him watch me.  I use my fingers and a vibrator and these orgasms are quite powerful as he strains against the restraints of the cage.  I can see the desire in his eyes and he often pleads to be set free.

When he pleads I let him lick my pussy.  He is very good at this and I do enjoy it immensely.  I love to tell him stories about other men will have and what I will do to them and let them do to me.  How I will have them both.

Sometimes we go out to dinner and/or dancing while he is locked up and I always wear something sexy or in some cases don’t wear something.  I have a see-through blouse that shows off my prettiest bra.  And a short skirt that I wear without panties.  I especially like to go dancing in this combination.

When I do release him he is so ready to fuck me.  I make sure he warms me up first although I am usually as anxious as he to romp around in the bed.  He gives me a good fuck as well although I seldom have an orgasm this way alone.  Sometimes I will belittle him for this although I don’t do this often.  More likely I tell him how wonderful he is and how much I love him.  Such is the paradox of my Domme/dub relationship.

Power, Obedience and Humiliation

They say that power corrupts and I can see how that is true.  Since becoming my husband’s Domme which was a role I was reluctant to take on, I have become very comfortable in the role.  Actually more than comfortable.  We discussed his fantasies first and he mentioned that he wanted to be humiliated in front of my girlfriends.

A show of obedience for everyone to see.  I invited a few of the girls over and dressed him in an apron and nothing else.  I had him greet each guest and serve them drinks.  I noticed that he had a lump in his apron from a semi hard on.  I lifted his apron to show the girls how well he shaved for the occasion and to prove that he was enjoying the humiliation.  He did like it and the more we humiliated him the harder his cock got.  I arranged the apron so it draped over the base of his cock, exposing him for the rest of the afternoon.  I even allowed the girls to touch him whenever he showed signs of getting soft.

Another time, I had him get on his knees and tie my shoe in a public mall.  I made sure to shorten the laces so that it was almost impossible to tie and then complained when he tried to take a shortcut without a bow.  We attracted quite a bit of attention.  Just standing there with him at my feet a tremendous sense of power flowed over me.  I could see that the men who passed by and noticed looked at me with respect and even fear.  Later Troy told me he enjoyed it too but was worried that we might see someone who knew him.

I signed him up for a chat room on one of those pay porn sites.  They allow you to exclude certain states from watching and as such provide some privacy.  I chatted with the voyeurs online while Troy was in front of the camera.  I directed him to take off his clothes, a piece at a time, and play with his cock.  I had him respond to requests from the audience.  To stand sideways.  To lubricate his cock.  To give a close up.  I told him that the viewers were women and made up names because most maybe all the viewers were men.  I told him this later, after he had an orgasm on camera, about the maleness of his audience.

He enjoys these humiliations and so do I.  We’ve talked about buying a male chastity device and using that as a way to embarrass him.  I have no interest in keeping him in chastity.  We do enjoy our lovemaking.

I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions for humiliating Troy.

The Beginning

The Beginning

Troy, my husband, told me one day that he had fantasies of watching me with another man.  I had never actually considered this since I grew up believing that marriage was exclusive.  However, we began to talk about it, usually when I was rubbing his cock and balls.  I admitted I had a fantasy about being with two men.  He didn’t like the idea of any man on man action and I assured him that I wanted to be the center of attention.

Eventually we began to plot how to actually do it and one weekend spent in a good distance from where we lived.  We separated at a nearby bar and I flirted and danced with an attractive young man. Toward the end of the evening I introduced him to Troy and we invited him back to our hotel room.  He hesitated – another homophobic man – until we assured him that was not our intent.  Actually it didn’t take much convincing.

Back at the hotel room, the two of them made love to me.  Both at the start which was just amazing.  Four hands, two mouths all over me.  I didn’t give nearly as much as I received but no one complained.  Then individually, first the stranger, then my husband, then the stranger a second time, fucked me crazy for an hour or two.  Seemed like forever.  I never had so many orgasms in one session before.  I was never so excited.  It was then that I knew there was no turning back.  I loved it too much.