I have put a chastity device on my husband but never for more than 10 hours.  I do not believe in keeping him in chastity but as a tool for playtime it can be a lot of fun.  When he is bound I tease him and I do threaten to keep him that way.  I do admit I get a thrill out of the idea of complete control over his sexual behavior.  But I like his cock too much to keep it hidden away and I guess I’m not that mean.

I tease him by masturbating in front of him and making him watch me.  I use my fingers and a vibrator and these orgasms are quite powerful as he strains against the restraints of the cage.  I can see the desire in his eyes and he often pleads to be set free.

When he pleads I let him lick my pussy.  He is very good at this and I do enjoy it immensely.  I love to tell him stories about other men will have and what I will do to them and let them do to me.  How I will have them both.

Sometimes we go out to dinner and/or dancing while he is locked up and I always wear something sexy or in some cases don’t wear something.  I have a see-through blouse that shows off my prettiest bra.  And a short skirt that I wear without panties.  I especially like to go dancing in this combination.

When I do release him he is so ready to fuck me.  I make sure he warms me up first although I am usually as anxious as he to romp around in the bed.  He gives me a good fuck as well although I seldom have an orgasm this way alone.  Sometimes I will belittle him for this although I don’t do this often.  More likely I tell him how wonderful he is and how much I love him.  Such is the paradox of my Domme/dub relationship.


3 thoughts on “Chastity

  1. I enjoy being locked up but for some limited time. I struggle with the hygiene part of it – I have a CB-6000S. If we played more with chastity, I’d look to get something better, like a metal cage. What device does he have? Did you pick it out?

    My wife isn’t really that “into” locking me up. I think she thinks I’m too needy in terms of wanting to be teased. She has enjoyed having me locked up for girls’ Vegas trips and such, and it excites us both knowing that “I’ve been a good boy”. She has agreed that on her dates she will lock me up, as I expressed that being horny and the dichotomy of her allowing another cock inside her while I literally cannot even masturbate puts me into deep sub-space.

    But I will also agree that sometimes it’s really fun to just have that as our little secret, and I love it when she teases me about my predicament.

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