To say that we have an open marriage would be a mistake.  Troy is not allowed to exercise his sexual freedom although I do give him quite a bit of sexual satisfaction.   I might even let him have another woman someday if it pleases me.  But it is about my pleasure first.  It was Troy who confessed to a desire to see me with another man first and before proceeding down that path with him, I made it clear that this would not be a two way street.

Since then I have allowed him to watch me take another man.  I have allowed him to participate and at times have had more than two men attend to me.  I have also taken a man alone without Troy but to be honest I did not enjoy this as much as you would imagine.  There was something about being alone with another man that felt to me like cheating.  While having Troy there even if he is just watching and not directly participating, makes it feel different.  His approval is explicit.  In fact, he enjoys my dalliances.  I can see the lust in his eyes when another man is exciting me.  I don’t know that I understand where this feeling springs in him but it turns me on in a way that just being with another doesn’t.

I feel that we are still in the early stages of our exploration.  Unfortunately real life doesn’t always provide a lot of opportunity.  I am looking forward to our next vacation and the possibilities that might bring.

3 thoughts on “OPEN MARRIAGE?

  1. The “double standard” of cuckoldry (my wife dates other men but I remain monogamous to her) is very exciting to me. I have no interest in playing with other women, and I really like it when my hotwife teases me about having more sexual partners than me, and goes through their strengths and weakness as lovers.

    One thing that we have found that really intensifies the experience for me is to deny me leading up to her dates, and she teases me about saving her pussy “for him”. I prefer to be horny out of my mind when she plays.

    She has not let me watch her play yet, although it seemed like we were coming close. Bulls are not very reliable, frankly. Part of her reasoning is she wants to have a good degree of comfort level with her bull before letting me in on things. But she’s told me the scenario, when/if it does happen, is that I am to be like a fly on the wall, just watching and not touching myself to get a flavor of what their couplings are like. After that, I will be able to have seconds with her, and then I will be sent home. Can’t wait.

    I like your interesting perspective though about preferring to have Troy watch you.

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