Confused Feelings

Troy has been very good to me and he has enabled a freedom in my sexual desires that I never dreamed I would have.  Even if due to real life circumstances I am unable to fully express my freedom, when I get the chance, Troy has been open to any and all suggestions.

I reward him well for this.  My gratitude is expressed in plenty of wonderful orgasms for my hubby.  But lately I have had this idea creep into my consciousness.  The idea of bringing another woman into our relationship primarily for his enjoyment.  Am I crazy?

I made it clear to him when we started this lifestyle that it would be one sided and that I never intended to allow him the same freedom he was offering me. He agreed 100% and has never asked for another woman although I know he would enjoy it.  In part it feels like a wonderful way to reward his loyalty and devotion yet in another it feels as though it might be raising him to an equal level with me.  Would I be raising his expectations for a more equal relationship or will I be able to maintain my dominant position as long as I initiate it?  What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Confused Feelings

      1. What if it’s you who wants more of the same? You can’t answer those questions. All you can do. Is be clear that it’s you who will decided afterwards and if you chose to stop it. He will have to deal with that. You keep the control by controlling the situation

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  1. My wife has zero interest in another woman – for me or her. She’s interested in going to a swing club to have sex with other men, but the idea of me even seeing other women engage in sex with other men bothers her to the point that it will probably never happen.

    I do have a very intense fantasy of her “mentoring” another woman on how to dominate me. I would be restrained and blindfolded while they teased/denied/tortured me, of course, they could orgasm all they want. And at the end of the day, I would not have even seen the other playmate, but hearing their sexy voices would blow my mind. Just a thought.

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  2. From a submissive male perspective, I would need to feel I earned it and it would be a special treat with the situation completely controlled by the dominant female. ie, what could be done, what could not be done, and probably better if I were submissive to the new female, maybe being required to massage her or stimulate her. And to exert control over the whole situation, a command that I am forbidden to cum with the new female.

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