Feeling Guilt

Emotions.  They can’t always be rationalized away by logic.  My husband has agreed to let me go to bed with other men.  Okay – fuck other men – it sounds so crude.  Anyway, I went on a business trip and met an attractive man and took him to my bed.  Troy called when he was there and I ignored his call so he might suspect.  Somehow, I didn’t tell him about my pick up and even though I know he wouldn’t mind I now feel guilty about it.

Truth is that I don’t want to talk to Troy about this man.  He was older, very muscular, an ex-Marine, and a fantastic lover.  Usually I only cum with clitoral stimulation or sometimes from mental stimulation but never from a penis entering my vagina.  Not until now that is.  I didn’t think it was possible but something about his cock and the way he thrust it in me (doggy style) that sent me over the edge.  It was an orgasm that was different from the rest.  There was a building crescendo as he pumped me from behind.  His thrusts were hard and deep and his cock was thick and curved slightly.  God, his pumping felt so good.  When I finally came it was in crashing waves and I felt my entire body tighten and then release.  A release deep inside of me pouring juices like never before.

I keep thinking about him and that orgasm.  I will probably never see him again.  I don’t often visit that city and didn’t even get his number.  Yet I wished I had.  Wished I could be fucked by him again.  Is that why I feel guilty or is it because I haven’t told Troy about it.



11 thoughts on “Feeling Guilt

      1. One of my mates was bragging recently that this girl he got together with stopped their first time having sex because his cock was too big.
        I let him brag about it for a week or two before telling him he’s as dumb as dog shit and that was her diplomatic way of stopping a bad first date. I said women have more class and brains than us so they can get out of a dangerous aka embarrassing situation by stroking his ego. Lol

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      2. The guy is one of a multitude in their 30’s who think the kids they have to another woman they treat like dirt makes them a real catch.
        Facebook has allowed them to lure people above their division out on a first date.

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      3. As for the motorbike club shenanigans… I got a pretty angry response when I asked who was the motorbike…. because amongst 13 of them there was one actual machine and a 65 year old pot head smoking leaf who claimed to have been in so many SF units it wasn’t funny. The bloke couldn’t even groom himself. Any ex military person I have ever known tended to shower


  1. Anyway his 14 year old kid has just started getting pocket money so his career has overtaken his father’s now


  2. This seems to go against what you outlined in the march 15 post. It seems your husband enjoys knowing about your exploits. It may get him worked up to have you tell him about it the right setting but don’t go into details. If he wants them he can ask and you can judge how it goes by his response to each answer.
    Just an outside perspective.

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  3. Thanks for posting. As it turns out, we are going through a similar situation in our hotwife play. My wife can climax with cowgirl style with me, but strangely she doesn’t enjoy being on top. As far as I know, she has not climaxed with other men from intercourse. Except one guy, that she said was by far the biggest cock she’s had (even emphasized that he was quite a bit bigger than me). I know she enjoyed her one playdate with him, I know he got her to come, but she is vague about how she came. I think I naively assumed that since she only played with him once, he didn’t rock her world. But her ambiguous references have made me think that she may have avoided a second time with him to protect me. Or it’s also possible that there are non sex reasons why she didn’t play with him again. She abruptly told me, “I don’t want to talk about him anymore”.

    The conflict is I love being teased, but I don’t like being put down. As an example, I would be really turned on if she said, “husband, I want to try sex with a better endowed stud to see if size makes a difference for me”. I don’t view this as putting me down, because I know I’m average, or maybe below average. But if she said something like, “husband, your small cock just doesn’t satisfy me” I would be extremely hurt. The male ego is a funny thing.

    I wonder how much the novelty of being with a different partner made the experience so exciting for you.

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