In Bed

His face was between my legs.  His tongue working magic.  Focused on my clit.  His hands surrounded the soft sensitive flesh of my stomach.  His tongue was circling my nub.  Licking it up and down.  His lips embraced it as it swelled.  Suckled it.  His hands slid slowly up my body, pushed my t-shirt up over my breasts and fondled them.  They crossed my hardening nipples and sent shivers down my body.  Tingling all over.  He expertly increased the speed of his tongue.  His hands held my twitching torso.  Writhing, arching, feeling such great tension throughout.  More and more until I could no longer stand it.

I burst into an orgasm.  Burst into his mouth.  Juices flowing freely.  Release of all that built up tension.  Releasing a feeling of ecstasy.   Intense.  Squeezing his head with my legs.  Then struggling to get away.  Too much, I said, not meaning it.  He continued for a moment before relaxing and moving away I wallowed in my pleasure.  My god, he has become so good at this manipulation of my body.

One thought on “In Bed

  1. Very nice that you have trained your man to take care of your orgasm needs. Mine spends lots of time there too. He has been trained to perform very well, as long as I need, with no restrictions on both holes and of course my clit.
    Thanks for sharing.

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