I didn’t start out to be a hot wife.  It just sort of happened over time.  My husband let me know one day that he would enjoy watching me with another man.  It sparked something in me.  Deep down inside of me.  And we slowly moved forward with a plan to make it happen.

I thought he would be upset but he actually enjoyed it.  I discovered that he enjoyed much more than just watching.  Some things he didn’t enjoy so much but he was willing to do them for me.  He still has some boundaries.

I also enjoyed our adventures and became bolder about them as time went on.  We are still exploring and there will be more to come.  I really appreciate the freedom my husband has given me.  The freedom to live out my wildest fantasies.  Every time I do I am reminded of the love he has for me.  I can see it in his eyes and in his heart.  He truly gets off on my excitement.

Anyway, this blog will document some of these experiences that we have had and follow some of the new ones we take on.  I hope you enjoy.