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Teen Memories

It was my first job.  An office job.  Sitting at an L-shaped desk in the front, near the door, so I could greet the few visitors this accounting firm had in the summer.  It was an average desk, not propped up as many reception desks are.  When one of the accountants came to give me work to do, they usually stood on the opposite side of the desk.  Adam was the youngest of the group, probably 24, closer to my age, but still a full grown man.  I think he had a crush on me.

There it was like a clock hand pointing at 8:00.  It was stiff and long and looked hard and was clearly outlined in his pants.  It was right at my eye level and it was hard not to stare.  I imagined putting a tape measure to it – naked, of course.  I think it was almost 8 inches long.  Not super thick but certainly bigger than anything I had ever held in my hands.

Adam was droning on about what he wanted me to do.  He was going into way too much detail.  It wasn’t my first day!  I was glad though that he stayed and that I could let my mind wander as I stole glances at his pole.  Was he hard?  It wasn’t sticking up so I’m guessing it was semi hard.  Maybe it was soft although it appeared engorged.  I wondered what it felt like, what it tasted like.  Perhaps my obsession with cocks began then.

I was still a virgin and very impressionable.  I do love cock.  I love to touch it, to kiss it, to play with it.  I especially like to tease and to feel him get so excited while I play.  That direct connection between my actions and his reactions is so tantalizing.  So exciting.

Gary used to come to my desk often that summer.  He would lean against the edge of the desk and show off his cock to me.  I became convinced that he did it deliberately.  That he enjoyed it as much as I did.  I could see him (and feel him) staring at me as I looked at his cock.  Once I thought I saw it twitch.  I think this was the beginning of my obsession with cock.


Photo courtesy of Cream of the Planet