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Feeling Guilt

Emotions.  They can’t always be rationalized away by logic.  My husband has agreed to let me go to bed with other men.  Okay – fuck other men – it sounds so crude.  Anyway, I went on a business trip and met an attractive man and took him to my bed.  Troy called when he was there and I ignored his call so he might suspect.  Somehow, I didn’t tell him about my pick up and even though I know he wouldn’t mind I now feel guilty about it.

Truth is that I don’t want to talk to Troy about this man.  He was older, very muscular, an ex-Marine, and a fantastic lover.  Usually I only cum with clitoral stimulation or sometimes from mental stimulation but never from a penis entering my vagina.  Not until now that is.  I didn’t think it was possible but something about his cock and the way he thrust it in me (doggy style) that sent me over the edge.  It was an orgasm that was different from the rest.  There was a building crescendo as he pumped me from behind.  His thrusts were hard and deep and his cock was thick and curved slightly.  God, his pumping felt so good.  When I finally came it was in crashing waves and I felt my entire body tighten and then release.  A release deep inside of me pouring juices like never before.

I keep thinking about him and that orgasm.  I will probably never see him again.  I don’t often visit that city and didn’t even get his number.  Yet I wished I had.  Wished I could be fucked by him again.  Is that why I feel guilty or is it because I haven’t told Troy about it.