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Confused Feelings

Troy has been very good to me and he has enabled a freedom in my sexual desires that I never dreamed I would have.  Even if due to real life circumstances I am unable to fully express my freedom, when I get the chance, Troy has been open to any and all suggestions.

I reward him well for this.  My gratitude is expressed in plenty of wonderful orgasms for my hubby.  But lately I have had this idea creep into my consciousness.  The idea of bringing another woman into our relationship primarily for his enjoyment.  Am I crazy?

I made it clear to him when we started this lifestyle that it would be one sided and that I never intended to allow him the same freedom he was offering me. He agreed 100% and has never asked for another woman although I know he would enjoy it.  In part it feels like a wonderful way to reward his loyalty and devotion yet in another it feels as though it might be raising him to an equal level with me.  Would I be raising his expectations for a more equal relationship or will I be able to maintain my dominant position as long as I initiate it?  What do you think?